May 172017

As most of the members on this mailing list will know, GW-Micro the developers of the Window-Eyes screen reader software, were taken over by Freedom Scientific, the owners of the JAWS screen reader.  After months of negotiations and insecurity for Window-Eyes users, there is now an announcement defining a migration route.

Sales of Window-Eyes stopped in the United States and Canada. Users outside of the United States and Canada should contact their local distributor for options. Existing software maintenance agreements will be honoured.  GW-Micro shall also continue to provide technical support to end users that have purchased Window-Eyes or a support package.  All users who are currently using Window-Eyes can continue to use the software indefinitely; however, as the Windows® operating system and/or applications change over time, there will be no Window-Eyes updates and Window-Eyes may stop functioning correctly.

For those wishing to migrate away from Window-Eyes now, GW-Mircor is offering JAWS® for Windows 18 as a replacement.  Existing Window-Eyes product purchases and software maintenance agreements will be addressed as follows.

  • End users that paid for and are current with Window-Eyes 9.x will be converted to JAWS 18 at no charge.
  • If you are using an earlier version of Window-Eyes, you can purchase an upgrade to JAWS 18.
  • If you are using the free version of Window-Eyes you can continue to use it. While there is not an upgrade path from the free version, if you are interested in purchasing JAWS, please contact their sales team at 800-444-4443.
  • Existing Window-Eyes SMAs will be rolled into the JAWS SMA program for end users that migrate to JAWS.

Detailed upgrade and SMA pricing information is provided at

Through the below link, you can complete a simple web form that will go directly to the JAWS sales team, who will then contact you with an authorization code for JAWS 18, or request additional information if necessary.

Requests for upgrades must be submitted at or by phone at 800-444-4443 by July 31, 2017.


Note: the free Window-Eyes Offer for Users of Microsoft Office version is not part of the conversion program.



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