Mar 152017

web design sketchAn update to WCAG 2.0 is in the works and the new version, WCAG 2.1, is expected to be published mid-2018. The development of WCAG 2.1 will focus on existing gaps in WCAG 2.0, particularly issues related to touch interfaces, small screen sizes, and issues impacting users with low vision and cognitive disabilities.

HTML5, script and WAI-ARIA are powerful tools that can create sensational interfaces. They are also packed with accessibility enhancing technologies. Nevertheless, or perhaps because of it, there are plenty of examples on how modern technologies becomes an accessibility barrier despite developers moving in with a great deal of enthusiasm.  Creative use of illustration, icons, and other images can make web content more engaging and dynamic. How can you ensure these graphics convey consistent meaning to a diverse audience? Using principles from comics and universal design, can be among the possible solutions.  Today’s developers and designers continue to explore challenges and techniques for effectively incorporating images in a way that resonates with audiences across varying cultural contexts, languages, and abilities.

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