Jul 212017

Mozilla Commonvoice mascotFITA has joined this project and is asking you to consider doing the same.

Meet Mozilla’s new project, Common Voice. It’s an open collection of labelled voice data anyone can use to create highly accurate voice recognition software. Well, it will soon be that, with your help. In order to create this valuable public resource, they need people who speak English in all sorts of wonderful ways to go and contribute voice samples. (Note: right now Common Voice is only collecting English samples, but stay tuned, we plan to add other languages very soon.) 

Here’s what you do — click over to the Common Voice website.

There are two ways you can help. You can click “Speak” and follow the instructions to leave some of your own voice samples. You’ll be asked to allow the website to access your microphone. Don’t worry, we’re Mozilla, we care about your privacy and won’t use your microphone for anything but recording the short sentences you’ll read. Have fun playing around with that. I know I did.

If leaving a voice recording isn’t your thing, you can also just listen. Click the “Listen” link and you’ll be asked to listen to some sentences others have read and verify they got it right. That’s it. It’s actually a ton of fun.

As voice recognition becomes more important in our digital world, everyone — from startups to students at university to that friend of yours who just likes to tinker — should be able to make sure their apps recognize all our beautiful voices. That’s how we build a healthy Internet, one step at a time.

FITA suggests you contact Mozilla and ask them to consider implementing the Maltese language voice recognition.

Collecting such data for the Maltese language will make it easier for researchers to implement a voice recognition system that every Maltese speaking person could use.

We tried reaching them via their contact page, https://www-archive.mozilla.org/contact/ but the necessary servers/links appeared to be down.  So the next best option seems to be to leave a message on their FB page at https://www.facebook.com/mozilla/

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