May 052017
Mr Debono presenting FITA memory stick to Mr Luke Cassar

Presentation of MCAST certificate and FITA token to Mr. Luke Cassar

The Foundation for Information Technology Accessibility (FITA) has worked closely with the Nanniet Malta Foundation in order to help improve the ICT skills of the latter’s members.

In order to assist Nanniet Malta in reaching out to its growing number of members and coordinate online communication channels, FITA facilitated cooperation with MCAST, specifically two Bsc Multimedia Development students attending the MCAST ICT Institute,  Mr. Vincenzo Runza and Mr. Luke Cassar.  These students were mentored by Mr. Mark Anthony Farrugia, IICT Deputy Director Programme Management (University College) at MCAST.

The results of this initiative were inaugurated today 5th May 2017, via a press event that was held at FITA, Gattard House in Blata l-Bajda.  The event was attended by representatives from Nanniet Malta, MCAST and FITA together with one of the students, Mr. Luke Cassar.

Mr. Philip Chircop, founder and president of Nanniet Malta thanked MCAST and FITA for their support and had words of praise for the young students’ work.  He pointed out that a key reason for the establishment of Nanniet Malta was to encourage younger generations to show greater daily appreciation for their grandparents.  “A more accessible and better designed website will not only make it easier for our members to access information, but will also reach out to younger generations who can contribute, share and learn together with their elders” said Mr. Chircop.  (See video interview)

FITA WordPress ManualThe students used the WordPress CMS platform in order to provide key features requested by Nanniet Malta. Mr Runza focused on functionality while Mr. Cassar worked on the design and visuals.  Their work included automatically mirroring of posts between the organisation’s website and Facebook page, a new interactive sitemap, a revised photo gallery and featured activity  banners.  This work involved a number of preliminary meetings where specifications were discussed and agreed upon.  There followed design work using WordPress and a user acceptance testing session with FITA and Nanniet Malta.

Mr. Stanley Debono, CEO of FITA, explained how FITA provided specific WordPress training which will enable content managers from Nanniet Malta to create online content more easily as well as promote it more effectively.  FITA also assisted Mr.Chircop in producing more accessible, and easily searchable content.  This involved transitioning from Powerpoint based notifications and image files, to more accessible, but visually similar website pages.  He also said that “Establishing an accessible design framework for software and websites, helps avoid many problems that will arise when retro-fitting accessibility into completed ICT solutions.”

FITA memory stick keychainMr. Conrad Vassallo, Director at the MCAST ICT Insttute, presented the students with a certificate and voucher in appreciation for their voluntary work.  Mr. Debono presented the students with a memory stick bearing FITA’s logo, to thank them for their work and as a small reminder of the importance of  instilling the accessibility mindset, across their future work projects.

Nanniet Malta is migrating its old website archives to the new platform, but new material is already being posted to the new live website and Facebook page, thus taking advantage of the new platform’s possibilities.  The Nanniet Malta website can be access at

Background information

About FITA

  1. The Foundation for Technology Accessibility (FITA) is the principal advocate and coordinator for making information communications technology (ICT) accessible for persons with disability across the Maltese islands.
  2. FITA also provides support to disabled individuals in overcoming or removing barriers to education and employment through ICT.

About Nanniet Malta

  1. Philip Chircop founded Nanniet Malta or Grandparents Malta, after being inspired on the important role of grandparents worldwide by Pope Francis’ words, when addressing millions of youths at the World Forum held in Brazil on July 26, 2013.
  2. ‘Jum in-Nanniet’ was established by Maltese Parliament in 2014, upon acceptance of the Foundation’s request and is now celebrated every second Sunday of October.
  3. Nanniet Malta can be contacted on (+356) 9920 7043 or (+356) 2144 7304 or by email at

For more information you may visit or contact FITA on (+356)25992048 or by email at

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