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Useful links (software and publications)If you find the following resources useful, we strongly suggest you refer to the more extensive resources published via FITA Online or contact FITA for more information.

Regulations and guidelines
ICT Accessibility toolkits
  • Highly visual tool to help site owners check accessibility issues.  Like all automated tools, it points out many issues that should always be properly evaluated against web accessibility standards and the sites operational requirements and functionality – 
  • A Joint ITU/G3ict Toolkit for Policy Makers Implementing the Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities
  • Hyperlinked Toolkit EN301549
  • Accessibility Bookmarklets : Provides visualizations of accessibility features of web pages like headings, landmarks, images, links and form controls. Provides computed information on the role, accessible name and accessible descriptions for accessible elements that are visualized., Version: 1.0, Released: 2015-Oct-01
  • Accessibility colour wheel: A tool that helps in the choice of a color pair (text/background) to use in a web page. It simulates three kinds of color blindness and it shows the result of W3C algorithms that reveal if the colors are accessible, Version: 2.5, Released: 2013-Apr-27
  • Elsevier Accessibility Checklist:  Provides an easy way to explore the most relevant guidelines using a simplified language framework and easy to explore user interface. Users can filter guidelines by topic such as images, keyboard, and forms. Users can also filter by standard levels such as A, AA, or AAA., Released: 2015-Mar-20
  • Google Accessibility Tips:  Adds an Accessibility audit, and an Accessibility sidebar pane in the Elements tab, to your Chrome Developer Tools.
    17 audit rules; most documented at
    – Sidebar pane in Elements tab provides extra debugging information, for example color contrast values and color suggestions, missing required ARIA attributes, reason for lack of visibility, accessible name calculation information, etc., Version: 2.9.2, Released: 2014-Jun-25
  • Accessibility Viewer:  An inspection tool for Windows that displays the accessibility API information (MSAA, IAccessible2, UI Automation, ARIA, HTML DOM) exposed by web browsers to the operating system, and thus to any assistive technology (AT) such as screenreaders., Released: 2015-Apr-07
  • WAVE – ICT accessibility tool
  • Check a webpage for 508 compliance and learn more about how to become 508 compliant across your entire organization, Version: 1.4, Released: 2014-Jun-01
  • A-Tester: Checks the pre-enhanced version of a web page designed with progressive enhancement against Evaluera’s “WCAG 2.0 Level-AA conformance statements for HTML5 foundation markup” making a report that can serve as a broad and easily confirmed WCAG 2.0 Level-AA claim, even for enhanced versions., Released: 2014-May-28
  • Access Monitor:  Used by the Portuguese Public Administration. Anyone can get a free report of a Web page. The public agencies can create a sample of pages of a website to monitor – they also can monitor the new pages entered. The system have a dynamic logo that summarizes the results based on the sample., Version: 1.0, Released: 2011-Feb-02
  • Forapp:  An online service that automatically checks the accessibility of mobile applications. The inspection results can be downloaded in PDF format. You can check the accessibility inspection results for each mobile equipment and app version in each menu screen., Released: 2015-Apr-13
Accessible ICT and Education
Accessible ICT and the workplace


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