MediaWithin this page you will find some of the articles by or about FITA that were published locally or abroad.

This list is not exhaustive and should be used in conjunction with the News section. Since as of January 2012, all announcements and press releases are published as News posts via the FITA website.

More interviews and information material in video format can also be found on the FITAMalta Youtube Channel or via the video gallery shown below.  Please note that although in the past we used to recommend the accessible player, this has now become obsolete because YouTube started using the HTML5 player in major browsers. The YouTube HTML5 player has a good level of accessibility and can be used as is.

Articles and Press Releases

01/12/2012 Interview with Mr. Stanley M Debono, CEO, FITA
08/17/2012 FITA ICT training – Global Alliance on Accessible Technologies and Environements website
20/12/2011 FITA Annual General Meeting 2011
10/12/2010 FITA Annual General Meeting 2010
18/06/2010 Michael Micallef – Radju Marija – Persuna nieqsa mid-dawl
09/07/2009 Dar tal-Providenza opens a new ICT lab set up with the joint support of the Vodafone Malta Foundation, FITA and ACTU
19/06/2006 maltanet ADSL Internet service agreement
09/05/2006 Computer reconditioning and pooling agreement
14/12/2005 Disability and ICT – The growing momentum
01/08/2005 A story of determination
08/07/2005 Silta minn intervista li saret lill-FITA mir-Radju RTK
Interview to FITA, by Radio RTK (In Maltese)
22/06/2005 Learning Changes
17/05/2005 Teknologija u komunikazzjoni aktar accessibli
11/08/2004 Servizzi accessibli provduti mil banek
27/04/2004 Accessibilita’ ta’ l-Internet
26/04/2004 Design for All Guidelines over the Internet
29/03/2004 Web Accessibility Commendation
20/12/2003 FITA presents life skills presentations for use at Mt. Carmel Hospital
30/09/2003 Outline of major FITA activities in 2003
25/09/2003 Il-Programm Leonardo da Vinci joffri esperjenzi godda ghal persuni
21/05/2003 Radju tal-Universita’ – ICT & Disability (14 sessions)
20/05/2003 Hidma tal-FITA fis-sena 2002


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