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SoftwareSoftware Section


Accessibility Enhancements
Custom Mouse pointers

Windows 98 and above support the use of custom mouse pointers, both static and animated ones. These can be changed by clicking START | Settings | Control Panel | Pointers and double clicking the mouse icons you wish to change. Click here to download a file containing large colourful mouse pointers which are easier to spot on the screen and also easier to use.



Annoyed when you are typing a document and accidentally the palm of your hand brushes the touchpad, changing the position of the cursor in your document or accidentally clicking on an option. TouchFreeze is simple utility for Windows to solve this problem. It automatically disables touchpad while you are typing text.

Author’s website:


Head Tracking Software using your PC’s standard WebCam

Turn your head and the cursor will follow it! No gear on your head! Our software translates user’s head motion into the motion of the cursor on the screen, by processing the image from a USB video camera.

In MouseVision version 0.983 if the cursor stops for 1 sec, a 4x zoom occurs (to make the pointing easier). If the cursor stops again, VM will be “Waiting for your click by head swing” for 5 sec.

Mouse clicks can be activated by head gestures.

When the mouse cursor stops and stays still for a second, then a red circle appears around the cursor indicating that VisualMouse is waiting for a head gesture. If no gesture is registered during the next second, then the circle disappears and the cursor continues to follow the head movements. The default gesture settings are:

  1. Turn the head down and back (up to where it had been): left mouse click.
  2. Turn the head up and back (down to where it had been): left mouse button pushed and kept pressed. A repeat of this gesture releases the pressed button.
  3. Turn the head left and back (right to where it had been): left mouse button double click.
  4. Turn the head right and back (left to where it had been): right mouse click.

The settings as well as the time delays can be customized after pressing the “Options” button. The click activation by head gestures can be turned on/off by “Head gestures” check-box in the “Mouse buttons emulation” section of the main dialog.


For hands-free typing

VM can be used in combination with the Dasher software available

Download Standard VisualMouse (Updated link 16th June 2008)

Dyslexia tools

OpenDyslexic offical website / Font Download 

A free-to-use font created by Abelardo Gonzalez, it has a heavier bottom to give letters ‘gravity’ – making it less likely the brain will rotate them and confuse people with Dyslexia.  Full download and installation instructions are available from the official website at

Tiresias enhanced usability font set

Tiresias Infofont – Information labels
Tiresias Keyfont – Control labels
Tiresias LPfont – Large print publications
Tiresias PCfont – Screen systems
Tiresias Screenfont – Television subtitling
Tiresias Signfont – Sign systems

Download TIRESIAS font set directly from FITA
Official website:

The Maltese Speech Engine

Maltese Speech Synthesiser / Maltese Lexicon – Part of ERDF114 project.  Converts written Maltese text to speech audio. The lexicon, is an independent database that provides a platform for collecting audio corpora for the Maltese language

Alternative keyboards

Many keyboard users prefer Dvorak keyboard layouts to the standard QUERTY keyboard layout.

Three Dvorak layouts are available:

The Dvorak layouts are included free with Windows 2000 Professional, Windows Millennium, Windows 98, and Windows NT 3.51 and higher. You will need to change your keyboard settings to use the Dvorak layouts. Here’s how:

  1. Open Regional Options in Control Panel.
  2. On the Input Locales tab, under Input language, click the language whose keyboard layout or Input Method Editor you want to change, and then click Properties.
  3. In the Input Locale Properties dialog box, click the keyboard layout or Input Method Editor you want to use, and then click OK.
Vision related tools

Webvisum for Firefox browser.  WebVisum is a unique browser add on which greatly enhances web accessibility and empowers the blind and visually impaired community by putting the control in your hands! Its aim is to allow you to better enjoy surfing the net and be significantly less dependent upon outside help. Just a few exciting features that we already offer:

  • Community driven tagging and page enhancements.
  • Automated and instant CAPTCHA image solving, sign up to web sites and make forum posts and blog comments without asking for help!
  • Built in helper functions for easier page navigation and less confusion.
  • Numerous under the hood page tweaks designed to help screen reader users.
  • Visually Impaired users benefit from features such as high contrast page viewing, link and focus highlighting, and more.

Screen magnification software – Dragnifier is the fastest way to get a close-up of your screen. It’s a one-click magnifying glass that will let you view your computer screen in detail. Once loaded, click on its icon in the system tray and drag to display the magnifying glass. Highly customisable, with short-cut-key and different lens settings. This is the coolest general use screen magnification tool we came across.

Format conversion tools
  • MSA Windows based text to speech converter software.
    Open any text file or paste text right into it, and have the computer read it out to you in a variety of voices. No special requirements apart from a soundcard.
  • Web Page (HTML) to text converter software.


  • FITA – Addressing the learning needs of students with a disability through ICT
  • Literacy Software Vol1&2  – Simple letter and number matching software aiding literacy and numeracy in Maltese
  • Nitghallem nghodd bil-Malti – Simple numeracy software in Maltese, covering addition, subtraction, division and multiplication
  • Arlogg V2.2 – Learn to read time, get voice enabled time readings and alarm.
  • Matcher Software – Game matching customisable images, words and sounds
  • Memory Game – Simple memory game, involving matching of two identical tiles.  FITA also created a variant matching EURO currency notes and coins.
  • Money Calculator – EURO currency calculator
  • Braille Tutor Software – Use the computer to help you learn Braille
  • Mr. Potato,  facial expression creativity software for kids and adults alike.
  • A Mind Forever Voyaging   Text based SCI-FI classic adventure game and AMFV manual.


  • Readathon – Learning and communication aid for persons with an intellectual impairment
  • Sign Language Sentence Builder – Enables users to build sentences through word selection and converts them into a sequenced Maltese sign language video

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