FITA has produced and collated a number of ICT resources concerning assistive technology products and ICT accessibility in general.   The subjects covered can vary considerably, between manuals to hands on guides.

FITA’s  document archive can be accessed freely in the Files section of the FITAOnline group.  When new content is added to the file archive, members of FITAOnline are automatically notified and the relevant file link is sent to them by email.

Reports, Media file, FAQs and other documentation directly related to FITA and our activities can be accessed here on the FITA website,  under the respective Resources sub-menu.

The Useful links section on the FITA website covers FITA partner organisations and project contacts only.  For a more extensive list of ICT Accessibility related links, you may wish to consult the links section of the FITAOnline group.

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