TACMON was an FP7 R&D project founded by the European Union, with the aim to develop a novel technology enabling to produce large area tactile displays at low-cost, capable to display graphical as well as textual information for the touch sense.

In TACMON the technological concept was proven via the implementation of small scale functional prototypes. The prototypes were tested and demondstrated locally by FITA amongst interested disability NGOs and other entities.  End  users expressed great interest in the technology and the possibilities provided by it.  As a side benefit of the project, FITA also highlighted the advantages of the diagram conversion software which surpasses the quality of some market products.

The aim of TACMON2 is to realize Graphical Tactile Display as a computer input/output peripheral,  providing  haptic access to graphically oriented electronic information and to a wider range of PC applications. The planned Graphical Tactile Display consists of a fine matrix of tactile pins across an A4 sized flat surface display, intended for blind and visually impaired people.  The pixels will be electronically refreshable, allowing a person to feel a succession of images on a reusable surface.

Following the conclusion of  the TACMON project in 2011, FITA is partnering with the TACMON-2 FP7 project, which continues to improve on the work of TACMON.  The project  aims to produce tactile touch screens for use by persons with a visual impairment. The aim of the TACMON proposal is to increase SME competitive advantage in the special needs sector by offering an innovative and cost-effective technology to help the visually impaired to have access to graphical and text-oriented information.

The TACMON2 project deliverables provide SMEs with an innovative and inexpensive technology which targets an interactive graphical tactile display and user interface for the visually impaired to access electronic information. TACMON technology can contribute to the creation of new business opportunities in software for learning, leisure, communicating via Internet, among many others for the disabled community.

The TACMON-2 project encompasses the activities of 14 partner organisations, each working on a number of work packages. FITA is responsible for user testing, training materials and interface accessibility assessment for end user validation purposes.  The project commenced in September 2012 and is scheduled to terminate in  February 2015.

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