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Image recognition for provision of location based information

FITA and the Department of Intelligent Computer Systems are collaborating on the collection of photos of landmark locations in Malta and Gozo.  These photos are used in order to augment the image database of a software system developed by a University of Malta student, that will identify the location and provide relevant information to the end user.  The system works using a smart phone with Internet connection and camera.  The user needs to simply take a picture and the web based system will provide information relating to the location, its history and nearby places of interest.  The image archive and service information is hosted within the FITA helpdesk

Converting publications into Easy To Read format

Mr. Marc Tanti has volunteered to convert a number of disability related publications into electronic text and easy to read format.  Mr. Tanti compiled the documents below in their current form in preparation for a Masters dissertation at the University of Malta.  Use of these publications was granted by the National Commission Disabled Persons.

Mr. Tanti cannot vouch for the content and correctness of these texts which are research related work in progress.
These documents are meant to provide information in a more accessible format, but users wishing to use this information should still refer to the original documents at or contact KNPD directly.


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