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FITA works in synergy with organisations that share FITA’s goal of achieving a society wherein disabled and elderly persons can participate fully as equal citizens.  Our undertaking within research projects is to influence the study and development of new technologies for the future benefit of all, including disabled persons.  We achieve this by providing standards and research to improve the design of equipment to ensure it is accessible by people with different impairments.

Apart from working with business organisations and public entities in order to improve the accessibility and quality of their services, we regularly provide support and expertise on ICT accessibility to students in secondary and tertiary education who are involved in research projects.  On some occassions this also included participation in International ICT Award Competitions.

Human Computer Interaction (HCI) is an area where FITA is actively involved, also  through through  participation in consortia  including the European Design for all eAccessibility Network (EDEAN), the Competitiveness and Innovation Framework (CIP), the Academic Network of Network Disability Experts (ANDED) and TIRESIAS.


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