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The Maltese Speech Engine can be downloaded free of charge.  However as per the distribution licence, all adaptations and enhancements to these components, automatically become the unrestricted property of FITA, who may make such improvements publicly available.

The latest version of the MSE is 1.3.  This was tested to work with MS Windows operating systems, up to Windows 10.  Compatibility all the way back to Windows XP has been preserved so far, but this may not be guaranteed for future versions.

Version 1.2 of the MSE included improvements in speech intonation and a larger lexicon, containing some 10,000 words more than the previous version.

Version 1.3 includes the following improvements:

  • For the master speech rate setting, extended the range from 90%-110% to 40%-160% to match changes in other speech engines.
  • For the relative speech rate adjustments (specified via inline commands within the input text), extended the range from 50%-150% to 40%-160% as per the master rate setting.
  • Fixed a bug whereby the word boundary markers were always timed at normal speaking rate, regardless of the speech rate applied. (This issue was noticeable when the speech engine is used in software applications that feature word highlighting, such as educational applications).
  • The lexicon now stands at over 50,000 words and includes a number of English terms.
  • Included enhancements to improve compatibility with Clicker 7 software thanks to collaboration with Cricksoft.

The latest work on the lexicon was carried out in collaboration with the Human Language Technology department of the University of Malta between 2015 and 2016, thanks to a student placement programme.

The installer included on the MSE ISO image, should automate the whole installation process, removing older versions of the MSE and opting for the 32bit or 64bit versions automatically.  Users who still wish to extract the 32bit and 64bit setup files from the ISO image that is being made available, can find the 32bit and 64bit setup files at /Win32/CWTTSSetup32.msi and /Win64/CWTTSSetup64.msi respectively, within the DVD image.

You may download the full MSE V1.3.0 DVD image (ISO) or just the host applications from the links below.
If you wish to, you may also try the interactive online MSE demo here.

Maltese Speech Engine DVD Image (1.1Gb)
Maltese Speech Engine DVD Image

Spelli Educational Application (1.2Mb)
Spelli Educational application

FITA collects user comments and feedback about the Maltese Speech Synthesiser in order to continure to improve this product.   Should you wish to contribute, please use the feedback form.

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