Maltese E-Books


FITA has partnered with the Employer’s Disability Forum and KNPD in order to convert a number of their publications into Maltese and enhance this electronic media with audio produced using the Maltese Speech Engine.

  1. Potenzjal
  2. Il-kugin ghandu awtizmu
  3. Jason juza s-siggu tar-roti

FITA has also collaborated with Vodafone Foundation Malta in order to create three short e-books focusing on the use of modern ICT based technology by persons with disability. These short stories, give an overview of of how today, different ICT services and products enable disabled persons to achieve more whilst making their life easier.

  1. Nathaniel
  2. Christine
  3. Doreen

These publications are still in beta and therefore subject to changes and improvements.  Mr. Joseph Mark Caruana, who is working on this project is filtering user suggestions, which we will try and include in these products.  Please send relevant feedback to

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