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On Wednesday 22nd November 2017, Mr. Tony Sultana, Chairperson of MITA and Mr. Elizabeth Olivier, Chairperson of FITA welcoming Honourable guests to FITA the Hon. Silvio Schembri, Parliamentary Secretary for Financial Services, Digital Economy and Innovation and the Hon. Anthony Agius Decelis, Parliamentary Secretary for Persons with Disability and Active Ageing, visited the new FITA offices at Gattard House.

During their visit, they met with participants in one of the Focus Groups that were organised by FITA, in order to consult on one of our ongoing projects, called SPOT.   These include individuals with different abilities and disabilities, each of whom is evaluating different functionality and usability aspects, from their own perspective.  The SPOT platform, is the result of collaboration and joint funding by Vodafone Malta Foundation and FITA.

FITA’s CEO, Mr. Stanley Debono, highlighted the need for Disability NGOs to be more supportive of the activities being organised, both at the planning and delivery stage.  “Ongoing consultation on where resources are to be addressed and a strong cohort of participants, are key to ensure the longterm success in implementing more accessibility across ICT solutions” he said.

During their visit they also met with FITA staff who have recently moved to a new office space at Gattard House.  Following an overview of FITA’s operations, the visit included an overview of the FITA multi-purpose room, which houses the ICT Pool service that FITA delivers, together with the ADVICE disability NGO.  Here Mr. Joseph Cauchi from ADVICE and Mr. Michael Micallef from FITA, carried out demonstrations covering the range of equipment available at FITA

Parliamentary Secretary Silvo Schembri thanked FITA for the work carried out so far in an effort to impliment the SPOT Project and stated that “this Government strongly believes in accessibility and the more time goes by, the more we’re nearing towards achieving this goal.”

Focus Group participants discuss accessibility issues with Hon. Silvio Schembri and Hon. Anthony Agius DecelisHon. guests addressing Focus Group participantsMr. Stanley Debono demonstrating equipment at the FITA ICT PoolHon. Silvio Schembri meets FITA Focus Group participantsMr. Joseph Cauchi demonstrating equipment at the FITA ICT Pool





Parliamentary Secretary Anthony Agius Decelis emphasised how together with the ongoing training – inclusivity and accessibility are fundamental to our society.  Anthony Agius Decelis stated “that there are a number of different ongoing projects wherein importance is given to politicians holding discussions with various persons with disabilities, who know, first-hand, what is required in order to aid and assist their needs”.  He stressed the importance that these discussions also involve family members and those who take care of people with special needs.

Ms. Elizabeth Olivieri, Chairperson of FITA, concluded the visit by extending an invitation to all those interested in learning more about the activities being organised by FITA to visit our website at  or contact FITA on on tel. 25992048 or via email at

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