Jul 122017

The Directorate for Lifelong Learning would like to inform you that applications for courses open today, Wednesday 12th July 2017 and close Friday 4th August 2017. Applications are on first come-first served basis.

Since 2003, when the Foundation for Information Technology Accessibility (FITA), together with its partners, including the Education Directorate and MCAST, first ran a pilot project providing ICT training for persons with an intellectual disability, we have gone a long way.  Thanks to the support of our project partners, we continue to deliver ICT training courses as part of our shared goal to address the digital divide and promoting opportunities for improving the quality of life of persons with disability.

FITA believes that access to computers plays a very important part in providing independence for individuals with sensory, physical and learning disabilities. Using computers and the Internet, employees or students with disabilities are able of handling a wider range of activities and work independently on a level footing with their non-disabled peers.”

FITA’s courses are geared for persons with visual or intellectual /communication difficulties, so as to help expand their ICT skills and be able to contribute productively to the society and the economy.

People interested in applying may do so online via www.lifelonglearning.gov.mt.  Applicants who are 60 years and over are entitled to one free course per year. Applicants who do not have access to internet or cannot apply themselves for some reason or another, can visit ‘One Stop Shop – servizz.gov’ and apply there.  Attached please find the details of ‘One Stop Shop – servizz.gov’ locations, which you can print and disseminate within your centres.

FITA ICT Training

Applicants with a disability who already informed FITA of their wish to attend ICT courses starting next October will have their applications processed by FITA.  Ms. Maria Mercieca, from FITA, will contact each applicant to confirm that the application was processed by Tuesday 25th July 2017.

Visual and Performing Arts Courses

For Visual and Performing Arts Courses, applicants are to follow the same procedures as other courses.  However, for further information, applicants are requested to contact their school of choice on the below details:

Johann Strauss School of Music

32, Joseph Abela Scolaro Street
Hamrun HMR1304
Tel: 21242549
Email: jstrauss.music.sch@gov.mt


Malta Drama Centre

San Gorg Preca College, Blata l-Bajda Secondary School
Mountbatten Street, Blata l-Bajda HMR1575
Tel: 21220665
Email: malta.drama.centre@gov.mt


Malta School of Arts

106 Casa Brunet, Old Bakery Street
Valletta, VLT1458
Tel: 21234351
Email: malta.art.sch@gov.mt


Visual and Performing Arts School

Triq il-Hamrija
Xewkija XWK9034
Tel: 27830774
Email: gozo.art.sch@gov.mt


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