Vodafone Initiatives


Collaboration between the Vodafone Malta Foundation and the Foundation for Information Technology Accessibility (FITA) is geared towards providing access to the latest mobile and Smartphone technology by persons with disability.

Accessibility Initiative
Between October 2012 to October 2014, this collaboration led to a funding scheme which funded part of the cost of mobile devices and related assistive software required by visually impaired and deaf users.  The funding amount never exceeded 50% of the cost incurred by the applicant and was capped at EUR300 per application.The scheme was meant to assist visually impaired or deaf persons who cannot make effective use of mobile telephony unless they also purchase additional software products or more expensive devices.By April 2013 this scheme assisted 12 different applicants in obtaining increased access to mobile telephony.  By the end of the scheme, a further 22 applicants received funding as part of this joint initiative.

Scheme Overview
Application Form  (Abrogated)

Note:  The IMEI code for Mobile equipment is required when compiling this form.  In order to obtain the device’s IMEI number you need to enter *#06# on its numeric keypad.


Awareness Video Clips

Vodafone and FITA also produced a number of educational spots, promoting ICT accessibility.  These video clips, funded by Vodafone, show how the company’s products and technology are making life easier to all, including persons with disability. Four Vodafone employees embarked on this project to show how Vodafone can enrich the lives of people with disability through its technology by empowering them to live an independent life which emphasizes their abilities.

The actors portrayed in these clips are actual FITA clients who chose to share their newly acquired ICT skills and contribute something back to FITA and society. Particular attention was given to make these videos accessible to the widest audience possible.

More FITA videos are available on the FITA Youtube channel and FITA Facebook page.

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