MOU 2010-16


The Memorandum of Understanding 2008-2010 between the Malta Information Technology Agency (MITA), Kummissjoni Nazzjonali Persuni b’Dizabilità (KNPD) , and the Foundation for Information Technology Accessibility (FITA) provides necessary funding for FITA whilst setting out a set of objectives targeting the digital divide amongst persons with disability and the elderly.

Renewable every three years, it continues to build upon the results achieved in different areas, with major initiatives consolidated in synergy with Stream 2 of the National ICT Strategy and the Digital Malta national policies.

The successful implementation of these initiatives is not really a function of money. It is more dependent on the extent of collaboration that we hope to find from critical stakeholders including ICT and telecommunications companies and training providers  Mr Claudio Grech, MITA Chairman

KNPD welcomed the initiative on the part of MITC and MITA and augurs that it will further strengthen FITA, thus helping it further achieve its ultimate goal of significantly improving the lives of disabled people through the use of ICT in their daily livesMr Joseph M. Camilleri, KNPD Chairman

The Minister commended MITA, KNPD and FITA for this collaboration and augured that they will find the appropriate response and support from the private sector in the implementation of the proposed initiatives.

ICT has brought revolutionary changes to our daily lives, yet not all ICT products and services are fully accessible and usable by all citizens,particularly disabled persons, even in this day and age”, said Minister Gatt.

Participants stressed that an inclusive information society, in which disabled persons have equal opportunities to access and use ICT, can only be established if the public and private sectors are more open-minded and pro-active to disabled persons’ needs before designing products and

The number of disabled persons is bound to keep increasing as the world’s population is ageing. There are social, ethical and business reasons to think in an inclusive manner. The implementation of the initiatives within this agreement serve not only to directly impact the quality of life of disabled persons, but also raise awareness on current barriers faced by disabled persons in using ICT and the general need for inclusivity.

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