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MentorThe Foundation for Information Technology Accessibility (FITA) has partnered with the British Computer Society (BCS) Malta Section in order to promoting access to ICT amongst disabled persons.

FITA has provided ICT training courses to select groups of disabled persons since 2003, and these have grown steadily ever since. FITA also set up an online and telephone based Helpdesk which addresses the ICT related queries of many disabled persons who already have access to ICT.

With the help of dedicated volunteers, FITA is now reaching out to those individuals who may not avail of formal ICT training because of transport or accessibility restrictions. This is being achieved by providing targeted ICT support which will empower individuals with the ICT knowledge and tools necessary to benefit from more mainstream ICT services.

FITA is seeks to engage and train more volunteers who wish to be part of this initiative. Volunteers will be asked to act as mentors and assigned to ICT support calls which disabled clients may raise from time to time.


With the support of the BCS (Malta Section) we are encouraging the local business ICT community to consider their corporate social responsibility, and support this initiative by identifying individuals within their organisation who could be only willing to help if their employers support their kind responsible gesture.

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