FITA funding partners

Besides the gathering and dissemination of information relating to assistive technology, a primary activity of FITA, is to increase the awareness about the importance that ICT is made accessible to all members of society, including disabled persons. Such awareness is only possible through the proper implementation of policies and procedures across the various frameworks which make up our social and economic environment.

In order to achieve this objective we need the active involvement of all major stakeholders in the local ICT sector. We therefore value private sector involvement in the work of the Foundation as a fundamental component. To this end, FITA is endeavoring to encourage blue chip companies to participate and collaborate in the formulation of the relevant initiatives. Such companies will inherently champion the interests and purposes of FITA, through policy changes and the adoption of relevant guidelines. (e.x.: website accessibility standards).

In spite of its success, FITA has had a precarious existence in the first decade since its inception in 2000.  Many voluntary sector initiatives face this continuing uncertainty regarding their future. This is mainly because few of the organisations funding them will commit themselves more than a few years ahead. Inevitably a heavy price is paid in terms of staff development and expertise retention. We are therefore highly appreciative of the support provided by our funding partners.

Private sector representation on the board of FITA ensures that stakeholders from the different sectors have a direct say in the running of FITA and that they can monitor and assess FITA’s activities and progress and influence strategic objectives and policy direction through their consultative contributions.

If you represent such an entity, we invite you to participate in this initiative and identify your primary areas of interest. Help us in our endeavors to safeguard the interests of a sizeable proportion of the population from the danger of exclusion as eSociety becomes a reality. We look forward to collaborating on projects which will be of national benefit.

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