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Google is on a mission to increase digital skills, mainly for business … but not only.

Started in Leeds in March 2015, Google’s Digital Garage project was set up to help individuals and companies develop their digital presence, providing skills and training to more than 200,000 businesses over two years. That includes anything from attracting visitors to their website or social media page, to growing their customer base and increasing sales.

Google Digital Workshop 24 April 2017Launched on 24th April 2017, the Google Digital Workshop initiative for Malta, is the result of collaboration between Google, the eSkills Malta Foundation and the National Skills Council (NSC).  Their message is clear.  Whatever you sell, service or product, growing your online presence is vital in allowing potential customers to find out about your brand.  Small business typically lacks the digital skills necessary to be more productive online and sell beyond their immediate area.

The Google Garage set of topics is addressed squarely at business and also for individuals who want to expand their online digital skills.
If you are a customer, and visiting a shop, you are expected to know that shops have doors, displays to showcase products, changing rooms, cash counters etc.  Many FITA clients will also be aware of lack of accessibility, like steps, microscopic price tags, narrow walking lanes, loud music and poor signage.   The online world is not too different and the customer-business experience is very similar.  Business must know how to use online tools.  Customers should be knowledgeable as to how those tools are being used to sell things to them.  The need for accessibility online is preserved too, but that is not covered by Google’s DigitalWorkshop/Garage, so we will set aside this topic, on this occasion.

There are currently a total of 23 topics.  You may be presented with a subset of these.  This depends on the choices you make during the initial profiling exercise, that is carried out when you register.

Topic Description
1 The online opportunity The world has gone digital.
2 Build your web presence Understand your options and create an action plan to get online.
3 Your first steps in online success The web offers many ways to promote your business or yourself. Learn how all the digital channels work.
4 Connect through email Start growing your customer relationships while also converting new prospects through email marketing.
5 Get started with search Discover how they work, why they’re important, how they’ll impact your business and why they are key to your online success.
6 Get discovered with search When people search online for the things you sell, make sure you’re being found.
7 Make search work for you We’ll show you how to apply the principles to get your business noticed.
8 Be noticed with search ads Want to know how to advertise to the very people searching for what you offer?
9 Get started with analytics We’ll show you how to slice and dice data to answer real business questions, and to measure how you’re doing online.
10 Improve your search campaigns Now that you know the basics of paid search, see how to make the most of every pound you spend with smarter, more targeted ads.
11 Find success with analytics So you’ve got the basic concepts of analysing data. Now see how to apply the data to benefit your business.
12 Get noticed locally Whether you’re a bricks- and- mortar shop or a localised service, find ways to use the web to reach customers nearby.
13 Help people nearby find you online When people are out and about they rely on mobile for what they need. Learn some ways to take advantage of that unique opportunity to attract new customers.
14 Get noticed with social media There’s more to social media than liking baby photos and sharing dog pics. Discover all the cool ways you can use it for your business.
15 Deep dive into social media Now we’ll cover managing your social presence, dos and don’ts of different channels, advertising on social media, and measuring your performance.
16 Discover the possibilities of mobile Understand how to use the mobile web and apps to reach just the right customers.
17 Make mobile work for you We’ll show you how to reach more customers through mobile: from SEO to mobile search, from display ads to video.
18 Advertise on other websites Get to know display advertising: what the ads are, where they show up and how advertisers can control who’s seeing them.
19 Deep dive into display advertising Everything you need to create clever display campaigns that get you noticed and attract more customers through your doors.
20 Expand internationally Everything you need to know about going global, from research to translation to selling across borders online.
21 Make the most of video Understand the powerful possibilities of using video to reach and interact with customers and grow your business.
22 Build your online shop Everything you need to know about e-commerce and what it can do for your business.
23 Sell more online Now that you know the basics, let’s get fancy. Learn to optimise, promote and retarget your online shop.


In summary, we all stand to benefit from everyone having digital skills. Promoting great digital skills across all sections of the population, benefits everyone in tech by increasing users/clients.  If your site is doing the best it can in terms of online promotion it is going to be found much more easily by potential customers on search engines.  This obviously includes Google Search.

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So our recommendation is, whether or not you are running a business, or are even mildly interested in what is all about, go to  and register.  It will very likely help increase your IT knowledge and help you make sense os all those online ads your are bombarded with daily.

If these courses trigger you interests and you have more queries, you can always contact the FITA helpdesk and possibly have information sessions organised purposely to help out in using this platform, especially in areas linked to accessibility.

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