Jul 172017

Information Session postponed

The information session which was due to be held on Tuesday 18th July is being postponed to a future date in October.  We regret the inconvenience caused.

FICTeX 2017

FITA visited the annual exhibition (13th to 14th July) held by the Faculty of ICT – FICTeX2017.  The event showcased the work of the Faculty’s students.  This year’s projects included areas directly relevant to the ICT & Disability sector. Among these were:

  1. Smart Home Automation
  2. PenTaGon- Personal Task Data Generator
  3. e-Voting using Blockchain for security
  4. Automated event scheduling systems
  5. Heart best rate calculation from facial images
  6. Keyboard layouts and dwell-free eye-driven typing
  7. Touchscreen interfaces and Voice interfaces
  8. HCI impacts on Maltese mobile users
  9. Sound localisation
  10. Interacting using technology – assisting speech pathologists

ICT Certification Ceremony 2017

Poster - FITA Photography Course 2017This year’s ICT Certification Ceremony is being held on this Thursday 20th July.  As with last year, we shall also be showcasing the work of students who participated in the Photography Course.  We wish to thank the students, teachers and supporting organisations, including MCAST, the Education Division, MITA and CRPD for their suppport.   If you wish to attend, please email info@fitamalta.eu or call 25992048.

ICT Certification event programme.

11:00 Registration

11:30 Welcome speech by Ms. Elizabeth Olivieri

11:45 Varying skill sets and learning media by Mr. Stanley Debono

12:00 Personal experience by students

12:15 Speech by Hon. Silvio Schembri Parliamentary Secretary for Financial Services, Digital Economy and Innovation

12:30 Presentation of Certificates

12:45 Reception



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