ICT Refurbishing


The Foundation knows that not all disabled persons applying for ICT equipment, will necessarily make the best possible use of the latest computer equipment in the short to medium term. However we are also aware of the fact, that these individuals will never have this opportunity unless they gain access to computers and technology. For this reason FITA signed an agreement with the Malta Community Chest Fund, to cater for applicants who do not qualify for assistance through the Malta Community Chest Fund.

Under this agreement, reconditioned computer equipment is donated to FITA and given out on loan to disabled persons who can make effective use of it.

The Malta Information Technology Agency, the National Commission Persons with Disability and Enemalta Ltd. were amongst the first partners contributing towards this initiative.

Starting in June 2006, following an agreement with the Physically Handicapped Rehabilitation Fund  this service is based at a new FITA computer workshop in Paola, where disabled persons are given the technical training necessary to recondition second hand computers and customise them according to the user’s needs.

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