Assessment considerationsMalta Community Chest Fund (MCCF) applications for ICT equipment.

The Foundation knows that not all disabled persons applying for ICT equipment, will necessarily make the best possible use of the latest computer equipment in the short to medium term. However we are also aware of the fact, that these individuals will never have this opportunity unless they gain access to computers and technology.

FITA supports MCCF in line with the collaboration agreement signed in 2003, whereby, FITA continues to provide MCCF with specialised technical support in reviewing applications by disabled persons and making recommendations, thus enabling eligible applicants to acquire the products they need.

Applicants requiring specific information regarding their application through MCCF should contact MCCF directly. Disabled persons wishing to apply for financial assistance through the MCCF, in order to acquire ICT equipment should refer to the information hereunder.

  1. EligibilityThe applicant must be officially registered with the National Commission Persons with Disability.
  2. Documentation required by FITA
    • Special Identity Card
    • Chosen equipment literature and quotation (The equipment must not have been purchased already, or financial agreements entered into with suppliers).
    • Copies of relevant certificates and applications if applicable
    • Income related records and documentation
    • Samples of ICT related work carried out by applicant if applicable
    • Information about any assistive technology already in use
  3. Procedural steps
    • Interested individuals should pick up and fill in an application form from the Malta Community Chest Fund. These are available from the Community Chest Fund (MCCF) premises at the President’s Palace in Valletta.
    • A meeting will be arranged with FITA. Following this meeting the Foundation will compile an assessment report whereby the applicant’s abilities, requirements are evaluated. FITA will forward a copy of the report both to the Malta Community Chest Fund and the applicant.
    • Applicants who do not receive or qualify for assistance through MCCF in order to get the required equipment, may be entitled to a VAT refund through the National Commission Persons with Disability. The said VAT refund is subject to conditions set by the Commission.
  4. FITA recommendations will be strongly based on:
    • The current and potential short term future level of ICT knowledge
    • The communication needs of the individual coupled with the indirect educational benefit of the equipment
    • The locale where the equipment can prove beneficial and the extent to which it can be put to good use.
    • The relevance of alternative equipment types, or alternative possibilities of utilising and benefiting from the equipment.
    • The short to long term benefits to be gained by the applicant from using the equipment.
    • The inclusive and social impact of using the chosen ICT equipment.

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