Computer Skills for Persons with a Visual Impairment


FITA provides specialised ICT Training services for non-sighted and partially sighted individuals who are registered as disabled persons with the National Commission Persons with Disability (Malta). The training is carried non a one to one basis, and can start from basic computer awareness up to word processing, audio editing, the Internet and email.

The officer in charge of accessibility audits and ICT training for non-sighted and partially sighted individuals at the Foundation is Mr. Michael Micallef. In July 2003, Michael took part in an initiative under the Leonardo da Vinci Programme, run by the Education Division’s European Union Programmes Unit (EUPU). The Foundation received financial support from the European Union, under the Leonardo da Vinci Programme and also from the then MITTS Ltd. (now MITA) in order for Mr. Michael Micallef to benefit from a UK based work experience. During this experience he also participated in the British Trainer Certification Scheme, at the end of which he was awarded certification as an accredited ICT Trainer for non-sighted persons.

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