FITA runs a helpdesk service at the core of which is the FITA Online community portal.  This Yahoo Group provides a web based frontend to FITA’s ICT support services and acts as a message centre which circulates user queries and archives them.  The FITA Online community extends the service previously provided by the FITA Newsletter via a live community, based around the sharing of information and online resources.   Amongst these resources are included the FITA newsletter archive  and many ICT and disability fact sheets.

Membership Criteria

Membership is subject to verification of identity.  In order to receive an invitation to join this group and be able to share information and resources, kindly forward your details and identification documents such as the SID number or present your original identity card to FITA at Gattard House, National Road Blata l-Bajda, HMR 9010 Malta or via email to


Additional notes:  Basic overview of user needs and how these can be addressed via different ICT solutions