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FITA helps NGOs, professionals, business and public entities to achieve ICT Accessibility for disabled persons.  On a daily basis, FITA’s helpdesk addresses different queries from both individuals and organisations.  Queries are handled by different sections, based upon the service type involved and the type of disability being addressed.

What we can do for you and how we do it

New queries, about which we may not yet have sufficient information, are either channeled to the officer responsible for the matching service or initiative, or referred for further investigation.  These include queries linked to education or work environments, that need to take into account many aspects, before proposing an ICT based solution.  FITA published a set of factsheets which may be used as a very general guideline.

Queries of a technical nature, involving off the shelf products and solutions supplied by FITA, are usually addressed directly by helpdesk officers, knowledgeable in ICT accessibility and technology.  Some of the most common queries, can also be referenced within the resources stored within the FITA Online community portal.  This Yahoo Group provides a web based frontend to FITA’s ICT support services and acts as a message centre which circulates user queries and archives them.

The FITA Online community and Facebook page, replace the service previously provided by the FITA Newsletter.  We prefer this live community approach, based around the sharing of information and online resources.

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In order to forward us your query, you may join our Yahoo Group or contact us directly via the email and contact number shown on our website.

Become a FITA community member

Support via the helpdesk is open to everyone.  Membership to the FITA Online community (Yahoo Group) is subject to verification of identity.  In order to receive an invitation to join this group and be able to share information and resources, kindly forward your details and identification documents such as the SID number or present your original identity card to FITA at Gattard House, National Road Blata l-Bajda, HMR 9010 Malta or via email to


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