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The FITA ICT Accessibility checklist aids service providers in carrying out a quick self assessment.

FITA’s accessibility certification services include support for strategic planning for product accessibility, competitive technical assessments, design and development support, and expert accessibility testing for conformance with mandated Accessibility Standards including Section 508 and WCAG 2.0.  Additional value services include the creation and verification of VPAT documents and an accessibility monitoring service.

Although FITA is free to assess any one product or service upon its own initiative, material can be also submitted for appraisal directly by service providers as part of their quality control process.  The resulting internal report will contain guidelines and suggestions as to where improvements can be implemented and how.

More specifically, our service provides assistance in ensuring compliance with the legal obligations enforced by the Equal Opportunities Act (Persons with Disability). It is now common knowledge that the ease of use and clarity demanded by persons with disability, very often benefits all members of society and makes for a better and more popular service or product.

Through research and dynamic initiatives, the local knowledge base of Rehabilitative/Assistive Technology can be reinforced and expanded upon, for the benefit of society. FITA advocates this vision and acts as catalyst to make it become a reality


FITA reviews main service providers’ websites, including government ministries, newspapers, banks, corporate entities and internet portals. If you wish to verify whether your website incorporates basic accessibility criteria you may download the FITA Web Accessibility Guidelines. The FITA  audit checklist can also serve as a quick reference.  Websites and online services which apply for certification and fulfill accessibility criteria, may display the relevant FITA approved logo, and have their website included in the register of vetted websites.   This certification is valid for a period of one year from the date of the evaluation report.

You may wish to refer to the FITA Audits Register  for examples of how to correctly implement accessibility criteria.


FITA provides accessibility consultancy on varied ICT projects developed by third party business organisations. In order to help out with preliminary checks, we compiled a set of general guidelines on how to make information accessible.


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