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Nitghallem bil-Malti

Vol1: Customisable, educational software to teach the Maltese alphabet and numbers.
Vol 2: Training exercises in basic mathematics, in the Maltese Language.

Web Design Course

Covers step by step use of FrontPage 2000 web design software (includes Web Accessibility video / transcript)

Maltese language word prediction

The Maltese language word prediction software is under continuous improvement.  Free copies can be obtained through FITA.   The original purpose of word prediction software was to help people with physical disabilities increase their typing speed, as well as to help them decrease the number of keystrokes needed in order to complete a word or a sentence.

FITA’s word prediction software suggests possible word completion as the writer selects the first letter or letters of a word.   The program matches and predicts one or more possible words as choices. If the word that the user wants is not predicted, the writer must enter the next letter of the word. At this time, the word choice(s) is altered so that the words provided begin with the same letters as those that have been selected.  When the word that the user wants appears it can be selected, and the word is inserted into the text.

FITA’s word prediction software also allows the user to enter their own words into the word prediction dictionaries directly.

2005 MS Word based Maltese Text-to-Speech synthesis

This demo relates to an early FITA project which combined the original speech Maltese Speech Synthesiser  first developed by Profs. Paul Micallef with the efforts of a number of dedicated Maltese University students who ported it to MS Word.  This is not part of Maltese Speech Engine ERDF114 project.  This tool can be downloaded here (4.5Mb zip file).  To use this software simply unzip the file to its own folder and from within MS Word load the included MS Word template. You will then be able to use the custom T2S options under the MS Word tools menu.

Albeit it sounds limited when compared to the current FITA Speech Synthesiser, it nonetheless proved to be ground breaking technology at the time.  It also served as a proof of concept when applying speech synthesis algorythms to the Maltese language.

Empowerment through ICT

Information and awareness DVD produced by FITA in collaboration with MITC and the FITA funding partners.  The video consists of five seperate modules each covering one of the five major impairment groups, being mobility, intellectual, vision, hearing and mental health.  Totalling  20 minutes it all, it gives an overview of how different ICT solutions are used by disabled persons in order to circumvent daily difficulties and achieve their desired goals.

Maltese Talking Clock

FITA developed software that helps people with a visual impairment or literacy difficulties, to listen the time of day in Maltese, using their  PC.  Apart from being able to say the time upon user request, it can also be set to say the time at regular intervals. This is one of the first software which uses the Maltese Speech Engine in order to pronounce text in the Maltese language.

The software which runs under Windows XP can be downloaded in either of two versions.  One simpler version says the time, whilst a slightly enhanced version can output the date as well.  Version 2.2 of Arlogg and other software developed by FITA is available from the download sections of the FITA website


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