ICT Accessibility Certification

If you have queries about ICT accessibility, are defining an accessibility policy, implementing accessibility across online services or upgrading your website to the latest accessibility standards, FITA can assist you with the information you need.

Over the past fifteen years FITA has acquired the know how and technology required in order to carry out reviews and assessments of websites/software and hardware products.  FITA certification endorses established international accessibility standards including WCAG 2.+ and those defined by the EU Web Accessibility Directive (2016).

Quick website accessibility evaluations – If you would like to know where your site stands in regard to accessibility, the same servoce can provide reports to help you know what accessibility issues exist. We also provide tools so you can easily carry out self assessments on your dynamic and ever changing online services.  FITA ICT accessibility evaluation is carried out by a team, including persons with disabillity using assistive technology.  This enables us to provide you with factual user experiences and not only machine generated technical reports.

FITA Helpdesk Service

FITA provides ICT support to disabled persons registered with the National Commission Disabled Persons regarding queries related to e-government services and access to ICT, including assistive technology.  This service covers the needs of all impairment groups, including mobility, intellectual impairment, vision, hearing and mental health difficulties.  The service is based around the FITAOnline Yahoo Group. Apart from addressing helpdesk queries, this forum also acts  as an information archive for information resources circulated by FITA.  Since a mailing list is closely interlinked within the FITAOnline group, it also replaces the FITA Newsletter which was produced between 2004 and 2010.

Braille Embossing Service

FITA produces tactile and Braille output for use by individuals and organisations who request this service.  The equipment used by FITA enables both print and embossing output on the same sheet of paper.  The service standards and formats are based on a framework established between FITA and the Education Directorate.  However, output may be also be adapted to accomodate the users’ needs.  A differentiated fee structure is applicable, depending on the category of service user.  Service fees are published on the FITA website and updated regularly.

Accessibility Training Sessions

FITA organises information sessions teaching web content managers and developers about the principles behind ICT accessibililty and assistive technology.  FITA ICT accessibility training does not duplicate programming courses for specific computer/coding languages, as these change all the time, and may become quickyl obsolete.  We instead focus the inherent accessibility principles, compatibility with assistive technology and the user experience.  This ensures a usable online service, and satisfied return customers.

Information sessions are usually held at FITA, but content and location can be customised based on the requirements of the intended audience.

ICT Training Courses

FITA provides three types of ICT training services.  These are:

  • ICT Training for persons with a visual impairment.  This is an expansive one-to-one course designed and delivered directly by FITA, which covers the basics of using a computer and can progress to ECDL and specialised areas, depending on the users’ requirements.
  • ICT Training for persons with an intellectual or communication difficulty  These courses cover different levels and endorse either ECDL or Malta Qualifications Framework standards.  These courses are delivered in collaboration with the Education’s Life Long Learning Directorate, MCAST, the Ministry for Gozo and a number of business organisations.  The FITA Assistive ICT Pool is also linked to this service.  Courses are typically held in two sessions, between October and June of the following year.
  • One-to-One Mentoring services, which channel the help of volunteers to reach out to disabled individuals who’s mobility difficulties prevent them from accessing other forms of ICT training and support.

Assistive ICT Consultancy & Training

FITA carries out consultancy and assessment services, geared at sourcing and providing the most effective ICT solutions to address the difficulties brought about by an impairment.  This service is available to private individuals and educational and business organisations who seek to use ICT in order to gain better access to education and employment.

Refurbishing of ICT Hardware

Together with the Malta Community Chest Fund and MITA, FITA issues recommendation on applications for ICT equipment and also provides ICT customisation services which ensure that computer equipment matches the needs of disabled persons.

Development of Accessible Software

Thanks to the support of MITA, a number of disability NGOs and the Speech and Language Pathology Unit, FITA has developed a set of educational ICT tools which are based on the Maltese language.

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