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If you cannot find the answer to your question here, you may wish to use the FITA helpdesk which is an information resource that troubleshoots assistive ICT problems and provides answers to questions concerning FITA’s initiatives and services.  FITA Helpdesk support to clients is available over the phone and via the FITAOnline helpdesk.

If you still cannot find an answer to you query, or are still experiencing difficulties, you may wish to contact FITA directly.  You can do so via the Contact Us page.

 Who can qualify for services provided by the Foundation for IT Accessibility (FITA)?

At its core, FITA is a resource centre, set up in order to promote ICT accessibility for persons with disability, across the Maltese islands.  As such, our client group ranges from individuals with disability, to private enterprise and public entities.  The constant common denominator across FITA’s operations, is the use of ICT for the benefit of  persons with disability.

Are there specific disabilities or areas you cater for?

FITA addresses the needs of persons with disability, irrespective of impairment type, age or other categorisation criteria, as long as they are Maltese residents.  More specifically, we rely on the register maintained by the Commission for the Rights of Disabled Persons.

How much do FITA’s services cost?

Most of FITA’s services and initiatives are subsidised by the Malta Information Technology Agency (MITA) and our project partners, which include the Directorate for Lifelong Learning, the Maltese College for Arts, Science and Technology, and the Vodafone Foundation Malta.  However being a Non-Profit organisation, we still need to cover the cost of services and initiatives in order to keep them running. Where applicable, we therefore charge a fee, which makes it possible for us to continue to maintain and improve upon the services we provide.  Our fee structure is published and maintained under the Services section.

How may I use the FITA Helpdesk service?

The Helpdesk or FITAOnline service is based around a restricted Yahoo Group.  To use this service, you must send us your details and request membership.  You may do this by clicking the JOIN button on the Helpdesk page from the FITA or sending us a separate email request.

How do I find information within the FITA website?

The two most important tools for finding information on the FITA website, are the search facility and the sitemap.

    • The search facility is always shown on the top right corner of FITA website pages.  Enter a key word or term you are looking for.  The results page, will list all pages containing the search terms you entered.
    • The sitemap mirrors the hierarchy of the menu system of the FITA website.  It serves to give you a good idea of the main sections and how information is organised on the website.  The sitemap is a hyperlinked document.  So clicking on the titles of sections, takes you there.  The sitemap link can be accessed below the Home menu.
    • Information content one the FITA website is grouped into foure main categories, as indicated by the horizontal menu at the top of each page. These are Services, Initiatives, Projects and Resources
    • The main menu items on the horizontal menu are active links which lead to a page which gives an overview of the relevant topic.  More detailed information about specific subjects,  is available via the relevant sub menu items.
    • In order to ensure accessibility and increase ease of use, once a main menu item is selected, a side menu on the right of each page, will be updated to show a hierarchical menu listing of items within the chosen main menu section.  This sub menu is located just after the search field within the left side bar, and on top of the latest updates section.
    • The latest updates section, shows the most recent five posts made to the website.  By subscribing the the FITA mailing list, users can receive an email whenever a new post is added to the website.  To subscribe, simply enter a valid email in the subscription box below the latest updates section.
Do I need to Login to be able to use the FITA website?

Most of the information on the FITA website is publicly available.  However some resources have restricted access.  This for example, includes the Maltese Speech Engine (ERDF114) download pages.  In order to register with the FITA website you may visit the Logon page and select Register.
By submitting your email address on the FITA website homepage, you will be joining our mailing list, and we may then keep you updated about FITA’s activities.  Therefore FITA website registration and subscribing to the FITA mailing list are two distinct choices and provide for different functions. You may wish to opt for either or both.

How do I subscribe to the FITA mailing list?

You can subscribe to the FITA mailing list by simply submitting your email address on the FITA website homepage.

Is the FITA website accessible on smart phones?

Yes, we maintain a mobile version of the FITA website, which will load automatically when the FITA website is accessed from a smart phone.  At the bottom of the mobile website, we still present a link which enables users to switch back and forth between the mobile and desktop version, depending on their preference.

I have software, hardware or a website which I want to check for accessibility.  Can FITA help me with this?

Yes, the Accessibility Certification Service assist ICT platform owners and developers in ensuring that their service or product is compliant with the latest international accessibility standards.  You can visit the ICT Accessibility Certification page for more details.

My computer stopped working and needs formatting. Can FITA help?

No. FITA’s ICT Mentoring service, Information Sessions and Helpdesk services will address technical issues and assist persons with disability in solving ICT accessibility issues. As such they are knowledge oriented educational services and not a technical support service. Work usually covered by technicians is therefore not covered by FITA. However, FITA will assist the technical department of business entities, who need support in installing or setting up assistive technology for their users or clients.

I am producing printed materials which need to be accessible in Braille, audio or alternative formats.  Can FITA help me with this?

Yes, the Accessible Media service will help you convert printed or electronic documents to more accessible formats.  You can visit the Accessible Media page for more details.

I or a person I know are having difficulty with accessing educational material or at their job, because of a recently diagnosed impairment.  I do not know what technology is available or what can help.  Can FITA help with this?

Yes.  FITA will discuss the person’s or organisation’s needs, and can assist in different ways via its services and initiatives. These include:

    • the ICT Consultancy service which guides educators and employers to the range of ICT solutions, applicable to a given difficulty.
    • the ICT Pool service, whereby clients can view, try and learn more about different ICT gadgets and peripherals that are available.
    • the Assessment service which helps individuals combine assistive and accessible technology into customised solutions for empowering the individual.
    • the FITA ICT training which assists users in obtaining the ICT certifications most commonly required in the workplace.
    • the Information Sessions where we re-interpret the subject of ICT accessibility from the perspective of different audiences, ranging from Disability NGOs and health professionals to business HR teams and project managers.


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