Apr 042017
Group photo. From left to right, Ely Fly, Ketty Zecchin, Zara Benn, Maria Mercieca, Stanley Debono and Lilibeth Cachia

Group photo in front of San Gwann Co-Cathedral in Valletta. From left to right, Elena Fly, Ketty Zecchin, Zara Benn, Maria Mercieca, Stanley Debono and Lilibeth Cachia

FITA has recently concluded a work experience that resulted from the collaboration agreement with For-Action (for-action.org)

Ms Ketty Zecchin, an Italian lady from Piazzale sul Brenta, has been working at FITA between February and March 2017 on the compilation of accessibility data regarding popular touristic resorts across the Maltese Islands.  Ms Zecchin relied on online research and the use of multiple information sources, including mobile APPs in order to plan her visits and compile the reports.  Coincidentally she had visited Dwejra just in time before the collapse of the Azure Window.  Her experiences will be published in both the Italian and English language, in the form of an e-book and on her website.

Ms Zecchin is a very hard working and enthusiastic individual.  She runs her own web design business and also assists local NGOs back in Italy with their ICT needs.  She is supported by her personal assistant and leads a very active and productive life.   During her visit to Malta she was also accompanied by her two pet dogs Cleopatra and Mia of which she is very fond.

Upon her return, she started working with her colleagues on the organisation of an accessibility event titled CreAttivaMente Abili which is set to be held on 14th May 2017.  The event will showcase sport, culture and entertainment activities.  It will also be used to formally launch the 1st project of the Regione Veneto.  This led to 12 disabled persons being able to participate in a two month work experience in Malta.

creativamenteabili 2017CONI (Comitato olimpico nazionale italiano),  Cip (Comitato italiano paralimpico) and Fids (Federazione italiana danza sportiva) are collaborating on this event.  This activity are also Comune di Piazzola sul Brenta (host) and the Provincia di Padova and Regione Veneto.  Actively involved are the Pro loco Città di Piazzola sul Brenta where Ms Zecchin works.

FITA plans to combine the information garnered from Ms Zecchin’s work with other data provided by organisations working with the tourism sector so as to map the location of accessible services across the Maltese Islands.

More information about the deliverables of this initiative and FITA’s accessible services directory will be circulated over the coming weeks.

If you wish to learn more, you can email FITA at info@fitamalta.eu

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