May 222017

On Wednesday 17th May, FITA representatives attended the the half day conference organised by the Directorate for Lifelong Learning on the above subject.DLL seminar May 2017

Dr Mario Cardona,  Director at DLL, kicked off the session, stating that “Adult education depends on what many agencies are doing in this area. The Directorate looks forward to hear the views so that together we can have a fruitful morning”

Ms Rhoda Garland, Executive Director, National Commission for Persons with Disability stressed that everybody’s “Rights to education and employment are fundamental”

Ms. Rhoda GarlandMs. Garland spoke about how important that persons with disabilities have access to education and be included. She said how  important the technology is and how  it can be used to help people lead a normal social life. She also said how persons with a disability face problems during class. She said some teachers do not feel comfortable when a  person with disability approaches them and tell them that they need the educational material to be more accessible. She said that this cannot be the case as the material can be shared easily as a soft copy.  She concluded by saying that persons with disability have to have equal rights and  access for information to seek employment and  education.

The conference covered other aspects not directly linked to disability.  These included a talk by Ms. Marcelle Bugre who spoke about migrants and how they face injustice on a daily basis.    Ms. Penelope Lewis covered many case studies where she presented various scenarios where disabled and migrant people have to face unnecessary and avoidable difficulties in their daily life.

FITA continues to organise regular ECDL training courses for persons with disability, in collaboration with the Directorate for Lifelong Learning.  More information about these courses is available here.

The conference report was submitted by Ms. Maria Mercieca, FITA.

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