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Public Services Online - English language bannerThe Public Services Online project aims to increase the citizens’ use of the following eGovernment services Active Ageing gov mtThe Parliamentary Secretariat for Rights of Persons with Disability and Active Ageing is committed to the promotion of equality for older people and disabled persons.  Visit the FITA Youtube Channel
121 Mentoring SchemeFITA is reaching out to individuals who for different reasons may not avail of formal ICT training because of transport or accessibility restrictions. ICT PoolFITA hosts Assistive Technology tools, which are issued on loan to persons with disability who need them in order to benefit fully from courses held in Maltese and Gozo. Business Projects and Services FITA helps employers and business put in place greater accessibility for staff and clients. More accessible goods and services make for a more inclusive and bigger market.
 About FITA  Contact Us  Kellimni.com offers support services which are aimed to be online accessible to all adolescents and young people.
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